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    Discovering My Tech-Passion: From a High School Gig to Leading as an IT Director

    People always ask, “How did you get into IT?” or “What does it take to break into the tech industry?” So, here’s my story.

    As a kid, I was obsessed with technology. Growing up with tech-savvy parents, I was introduced to new gadgets and electronics at an early age. I would accompany my father to his IT classes at Florida State University, listening intently and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. I was the go-to person in my friend group for computer and A/V equipment setup, and technical glitches were no match for me. Even as a youngster, it was clear that a career in information technology was in my future.

    In high school, I landed a part-time gig as a computer technician at my local city hall in Quincy, FL, thanks to a family friend. I helped both internal and external employees with computer issues while also participating in a rural area initiative that involved deploying fiber to the home as a municipal ISP. It was a valuable experience that gave me insight into the various areas of IT, including project management, risk management, and telecommunications. I continued working there throughout high school until I went to college at Florida State University.

    During my college years, I was again offered a job by the same family friend, this time as an IT Specialist for the county’s local government office. It was my first full-time job in IT, and I loved it. Over the years, I’ve held various roles, such as Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, and IT Instructor. However, IT management was the area that sparked my interest the most. With my well-rounded knowledge and supportive mentors, I pursued a career as an IT Manager/Director, which led me to my current position as an IT Director.

    It wasn’t just my parents and mentor that helped me get to where I am today. It was also my positive mindset, continuous learning, education, and utilizing online tools to showcase my skills and establish myself as a thought leader in the IT industry. And now, my goal is to help others break into the IT industry by providing the necessary resources.

    From a high school gig to leading as an IT Director, this is my story of how I found my tech-passion.

    My Profile

    Technologist, Ambitionist, Leader: I’m an experienced Technology Strategist with over 15 years in the field, passionate about optimizing businesses’ IT infrastructure for efficiency.

    IT Director at NESN: Currently, I’m overseeing technology at the New England Sports Network, where innovation meets sports.

    Founder/President of My IT Consulting Company: Based in Tallahassee, FL, I aim to bring tailored managed IT solutions to different businesses.

    Education Enthusiast: With an MBA, a Master’s in IT, and a Bachelor’s in IT from prestigious institutions, I’ve spent years honing my skills.

    Community Advocate: I believe in giving back, volunteering with local organizations, schools, and passionately working to end the rural digital divide.

    Youth and Entrepreneurship Mentor: I participate in initiatives to encourage technology exploration and entrepreneurship among young talents.

    Personal Social Responsibility: I take pride in assisting career-driven individuals with personal branding and professional growth.

    Geeky Personality, Conversational Extrovert: I love technology by day, conversations any other time, and enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends.

    Assertive Executive (ESTJ-A): My personality drives me to lead assertively, think logically, and focus on real-world solutions.

    Political Involvement: I’ve served as Campaign Manager and District Executive Secretary for Representative Ramon Alexander (Florida House District 8).

    New Leaders Council Alumni: A proud member of the Tallahassee Chapter, 2020, reflecting my commitment to progressive leadership.

    My journey has been driven by innovation, ambition, and a deep sense of responsibility, from my early fascination with technology to my current leadership roles and community engagement. Explore further to discover how we can connect and collaborate!

    Kenneth Thomas